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Talk About It Tuesday

This is the story of two lifelong friends who tragically both lost their sons to suicide, both on a Tuesday – Dillon (18) and Daniel (37).

Jackie and Debbie are two mothers from the remote regions of Cape York Peninsula.

In March 2022 the duo created a support group on Facebook for those who are suffering from Mental Health issues and for families who have lost loved ones to suicide. It offers a safe and supportive space for those who are struggling to open up about their struggles and to commemorate the lives of lost loved ones.

Jackie and Deb are big fans of all who support Mental Health Awareness so naturally their group started with promoting members to wear the colourful printed Trademutt work shirts which are designed to “Start a Conversation” surrounding mental health. It was decided that as both of their sons passed away on a Tuesday that it would be fitting to wear them each Tuesday.

Weipa Rodeo Association is proud to support Talk About it Tuesday as our 2023 chosen charity. Let’s get behind the cause and participate in Talk About It Tuesday!

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